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Click here to find books to help you through the internet minefield is a keen supporter of ChildSponsors.Org.

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 is one of the Original eZine Advertising Co-op's, and since launching in the Millennium year we have sent  Millions of Ads on behalf of Successful Advertisers. is also doing it's bit to help you get the most out of advertising dollars. Last year we were charging $20 for 340,000 ads. This year we are charging just $10 for a guaranteed 347,000 ads. None of the other eZine co-op's does it cheaper.

So what does that mean for you? is a successful and reliable brand, that works. 

Over the years has built relationships with the best network marketing eZines.  Most of which have been trading for years themselves. 

Only eZines that have been published for more than one year are accepted to join the program. is also a keen supporter of ChildSponsors.Org. Where the money is used for the better good of Children. You can elect to donate directly to them ( Only if you pay by PayPal ). Details are on the Ad Purchase Page.

Ok now you want to know what you get for your 10 dollars don't you? 

You get an classified Ad. It should be 5 lines by 55 characters per line plus the URL. If you submit a bigger Ad it may be rejected.

We then Guarantee your Ad will be placed in  eZines with a total subscriber base of over 347,000 as of October 2008.

The above is our Guarantee. However your Ad may be sent to other eZines listed here.

So that's the deal and what a deal it is just $10 to send  not just 20 Ads as our name suggests, but over 347,000. Yes Three Hundred and Forty Seven Thousand Ads.

In fact should really be called but we thought it a bit too long.

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If you want to learn more about me ( Mike Hills ) and a brief account of how we got where we are today, 

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